The Link on administrator salaries

Infographic by Jayde Nordström from The Link, February 12th 2013
The Link, a student newspaper at Concordia University, offers a glimpse at the increase in administrator salaries. Included in the three named in this piece (“A Substantial Reason to Stick Around” by Riley Sparks on February 12th 2013) is University Librarian Gerald Beasley :

Beasley’s salary increased by $33,812 to a total of $182,437 in 2012, while Beauregard’s increased by $35,000 to a total of $206,670. Freedman received the largest increase—$44,782, which brought his salary to $260,000.

On February 28th 2013, CUFA members will be voting on a strike mandate. Of the many issues, salaries are a contentious one.