Terms of Reference

(Approved November 6, 2013)

1. Mandate

  • The CUFA Librarians’ Assembly shall provide a forum for all members to discuss and seek resolution to issues pertaining to the Concordia Libraries, to the CUFA Collective Agreement, and librarianship in a collegial and open setting.
  • The Assembly may make recommendations or submissions, as appropriate, to the University Librarian, the members of the Library Administration Team, the Library Committee (Senate) and other appropriate bodies regarding the mission, goals, policies, and operation and development of Concordia University Libraries, including planning, priorities and future directions.
  • The Assembly may take positions and make submissions to external entities, as appropriate.

2. Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Assembly may consider and make recommendations to the CUFA negotiation team and/or CUFA Executive regarding future collective agreements.
  • The Assembly shall discuss the Collective Agreement, specifically the clauses that are open to interpretation.
  • The Assembly may consider and make recommendations or take positions on issues affecting librarians and the Libraries, including but not limited to the following:
    • Library planning and priorities
    • Library policy
    • Future directions of Library service and operation
    • Creation  of new positions or appointments
    • Recommendations regarding budget proposals, including the acquisitions budget
    • Library committees and working groups
  • The Assembly may review the mission, vision, goals, objectives and priorities of the Concordia Libraries.
  • The Assembly may seek input from appropriate sources, such as support staff, faculty and students, as well as external colleagues.
  • The Assembly shall have the power to establish standing and ad-hoc committees, task forces and working groups and to delegate to these groups whatever functions it deems appropriate.

3. Membership

  • The Assembly shall include as voting members all current members of CUFA who hold appointments as librarians at Concordia University.

4. Operating Procedures

  • Decisions of the Assembly shall be made by simple majority vote. Voting will be conducted by show of hands.
  • A motion to refer a matter to secret ballot shall be considered a procedural motion and requires a simple majority to pass.
  • In the event of a tie, the motion is defeated.
  • Quorum shall be established at 50% + 1 of members, excluding those on leave. Members on leave who attend Assembly meetings shall be counted towards quorum.
  • Any member of the Assembly may propose an agenda item. Any member may make a motion.
  • The Assembly shall meet at least once in each of the Fall and Winter terms. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. Meetings shall be called at least three (3) days in advance.
  • A Steering Committee shall be composed of the Chair, the Secretary and the Member-at-Large.
  • The Assembly shall elect by April 30 the members of the Steering Committee from among the voting members who allow their names to stand. Their terms shall be two (2) years commencing on June 1st. Members who have served are eligible for re-election. Members of the Steering Committee are voting members of the Assembly.
  • Duties of the Chair:
    • Ensure orderly discussion.
    • Ensure that all persons wishing to speak on an issue are recognized.
    • Close discussion or rule a speaker out of order, as appropriate.
    • The Chair is responsible for setting an agenda for approval at each meeting.
    • The Chair shall write an annual report.
  • Duties of the Secretary:
    • Take minutes and distribute them at least three (3) working days prior to the meeting and no later than three (3) weeks after a meeting.
    • Collect agenda items to forward to the Chair. Distribute the agenda and supporting documentation at least three (3) working days prior to the meeting.
  • Duties of the Member-at-Large:
    • Assist the Chair and the Secretary.
    • Responsible for the maintenance of the Assembly website/blog.
    • Posting documentation and approved minutes on the Assembly website/blog
  • Minutes of the Assembly shall be distributed to all members for approval and correction. After minutes are approved, they shall be posted on the CUFA Librarians’ Assembly closed website/blog/wiki.
  • Any member can propose amendments to these Terms of Reference. The amendments shall require a 60% majority of those voting members who are present.
  • Rules of Order:
    • The purpose of these rules is to ensure that the meetings of the Librarians’ Assembly are efficient and fair and that all persons wishing to speak on an issue are recognized. Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used as guidelines in assisting the Chair in conducting the business of the Assembly.
    • A ruling by the Chair on a procedural question can be challenged by members and a majority vote shall decide the issue.

5. Review

  • These Terms of Reference shall be reviewed annually.

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